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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Warface

    it's a good game it's like call of duty but f2p

    11 october 2019 09:32

    What do you think about this game is it good

    28 december 2019 23:21

    For me it is among the really good games

    28 december 2019 23:23

    The game is good becouse it have some interesting things

    30 december 2019 10:41

    Do you remember that bit in Call of Duty? You know the one I mean. You were a guy—a war guy—and you ran around a corner to find another war guy running in the opposite direction. Yes! This was your moment. Your raised your RDS and sprayed hot 5.56mm NATO into his exposed back, earning you a hundred points, a kill, and a little shot of dopamine. Then, disaster! Another war guy ran around the corner behind you; the screen turned red; you died. Do you remember that bit? You must do, because it happened to everybody, everywhere, every day for the last seven years.

    31 december 2019 10:52

    game is good i give it 10/10 for good graphics and gameplay

    4 january 2020 17:04

    warface vs fortnit and playerunknowns battlegroundsplay
    warface win .

    8 january 2020 22:44

    Warface is a russian fps but cool....Yeah

    17 january 2020 20:07

    wooow so good game i like it i like it oh cmon plsss

    17 january 2020 23:18

    wrface in the pc good or in the ps good .

    18 january 2020 16:49

    and in the mobile goood " wrface mobile " .....

    18 january 2020 16:53

    this game is great, especially for lower end pcs who cant play triple A games

    18 january 2020 22:09

    i like warface it's a very nice game:heart_eyes:

    20 january 2020 08:23

    warface pc good or warface mobile goood .

    20 january 2020 10:50

    lol.What is this. Its so cool game amazingly.Great :)

    23 january 2020 16:22

    i love music i so very poor but me not sad

    26 january 2020 08:01

    not recommended, got "you haven't registered a new account in the game" come-off.

    4 february 2020 02:25

    впринцепи норм да но могло бить лутше

    4 february 2020 17:46

    My opinion about this game its: I love this game, free to play, people still playing, u dont need a very good pc, its free to play and it has very great graphics

    5 february 2020 12:29

    Warface is good but i think PUBG is better.

    6 february 2020 12:46

    Čo mi poviete o tejto hre je dobra?:grinning:

    6 february 2020 19:54

    Ako dlho ju treba hrať akoľko bodov sa da zislať?

    6 february 2020 19:55

    Kde by som zohnalhru Výzva k povinnosti?Vie mi niekto poradiť?:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

    6 february 2020 19:56

    thats a good game i think is same to call of duty

    8 february 2020 03:30

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Varius vel pharetra vel turpis nunc eget. Sed risus pretium quam vulputate dignissim suspendisse. Nunc pulvinar sapien et ligula ullamcorper malesuada proin libero nunc. Elit duis tristique sollicitudin nibh sit amet commodo nulla facilisi.

    8 february 2020 04:34

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