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    War Thunder

    (4.36/5) 8044 rates

    Play and get

    2500 5000
    Soul Gems

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game War Thunder

    Very entertaining, enjoyable & balance. I love it.

    13 september 2019 05:52

    i cant play it it only works on pc but hopefully one day

    16 september 2019 13:04

    if played world of series you will enjoy this game too

    16 september 2019 13:28

    pretty good game its a great simulator and very entertaining

    16 september 2019 14:55

    Wow this game is actually good and it was a great experience for those who like the old style planes

    16 september 2019 19:14

    very nice game with cool rewards with lots of cool planes

    16 september 2019 19:19

    hi i dont know the game i never played it before

    17 september 2019 12:55

    this game is cool or bad but they 3d so amazing

    18 september 2019 10:23

    Tis is a good game ?Tis is a good game ?Tis is a good game ?

    18 september 2019 15:34

    How many gb is ts game on xbox 1 ?How many gb is ts game on xbox 1 ?

    18 september 2019 15:35

    What do you exactly have to do for the last one with the golden eagles?

    19 september 2019 15:05

    Wot is better game i played it for 7 years and i played w

    19 september 2019 17:02

    im REALY love this game from 2016 but my friend andrey is say this game is boring but game is very good
    and a pro tip: use anti air gun 1-3 level ,f u need some money they are give lots of damage!!!

    19 september 2019 18:16

    I couldnt even believe it at first - I got my soul gems and even got hooked to the game lol

    19 september 2019 19:39

    the game's pretty fun, tried only planes so far, waiting for my soul gems from first task. c:

    19 september 2019 23:59

    How i can see my stats in the game so i can take a screenshot of it ?

    20 september 2019 19:56

    I'll keep playing this game, even after completing the tasks

    21 september 2019 12:29

    good game nuděj mě ty tasky protože moje screenshoty nefungujou tak jak by měli

    21 september 2019 21:55

    Really really good game, you should try it. Even there is army, navy, and air force !

    22 september 2019 01:58

    awesome game its very intrestinng to play with friends i love it especialyy the world war gamemode 5 stars.

    3 october 2019 19:47

    my freind looovess this game soo much and its relly good to play with friends

    3 october 2019 19:53

    one of my favorites es i reccomend this game but ull need graphic card to enjoy it as much as it could be

    3 october 2019 19:54

    from now on I do not expect Reward from the Task in here because I have tried and registered my account and played according to the target that there is even considered not a new account, and did not get a prize at all

    4 october 2019 06:10

    This game is so good! The grapics and the gameplay! It's just too good!

    4 october 2019 07:34

    Nice graphic, loading is fast, waiting on game is short, so many tanks, airplaynes, boats .. I like this game :)

    19 october 2019 20:14

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