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    War Robots

    (4.34/5) 1183 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game War Robots

    Graphics are great, that's about it. The platform is horribly unstable, the economy is horrible, the changes and updates ...

    15 january 2020 08:22

    but i give it 5 star dont worry guys

    15 january 2020 08:23

    i love this game and this game make me fun

    21 january 2020 10:17

    its fine. the graphic, robot variety are great bit the pay to win is too big, making it super hard for free to play players

    16 february 2020 07:16

    it was cool, Graphics good enouth but got bored after a bit:confused:

    22 february 2020 22:15

    this game is good but too many player plays with mod and hack

    23 february 2020 13:41

    good looking game but it needs some more attention

    25 february 2020 17:04

    HAS HIGH GRAPHICS and good set of weapons
    i like it!!!

    18 march 2020 11:00

    Its a great game and I enjoyed it a lot. I reccomend it

    18 march 2020 22:26

    War Robots is a great game to play. However it is highly addictive to some and to succeed in the game you are encoureged to spend large sums of money.

    18 march 2020 22:28

    i played this game a bit , it was fun but the annoying part is that people with way better robots were destroying me

    19 march 2020 20:45

    game was fun until the shotguns came meta is too op and to easy to obtain game is possible but hard to get wht you want without paying

    20 march 2020 04:30

    war robots its actually not that bad game its very good you can also play it on phone

    20 march 2020 16:58

    bu iyi. grafik, robot çeşitliliği büyük ihtiyaç kazanmak için ödeme çok büyük, bu da oyuncuları oynamak için süper zor hale getiriyor

    31 march 2020 16:42

    İ play this game but this is so hard but i love it beacuse have cinema quality is soo good

    3 april 2020 22:55

    ngl this game on mobile caught my eyes it looked really cool the graphics compared to other mobile games and just the gameplay itself looks amazing gotta love it

    4 april 2020 16:29

    This game is great but the Titans and Leech nearly unbeatable.

    7 april 2020 03:29

    it isnt a bad game but I dont really like it

    7 april 2020 10:14

    awesome game , i still love it .
    one of the best robot fighting game .

    19 april 2020 17:08

    i lvl 30 in war robots
    war robots is soo good game
    i have 5 slots

    20 april 2020 13:19

    There is nothing good to say about the game.

    20 april 2020 14:58

    b good

    21 april 2020 09:49

    it looks pretty bland and unskilled.? not much to offer

    23 april 2020 05:52

    It's a nice game with different variety of robots

    23 april 2020 06:00

    help. how to earn exp and soul gems by playing games? what kind of game should i play

    27 april 2020 05:00

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