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    Swordsman Online

    (4.09/5) 46 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Swordsman Online

    Ehh only 20 gems ;(

    12 november 2017 06:31

    This MMO isn't open world and allows you to choose either tab targeting or action combat as well as giving you a choice between 10 different classes

    12 november 2017 22:47

    what is this game?

    15 april 2019 07:08

    Swordsman immerses anyone in the enticing Eastern world, full of centuries-old artifacts and no less old riddles associated with them. The most desired artifact will be an ancient script containing the great secrets of martial arts. Possession of it equals impeccable power.

    You can get precious manuscripts from one of ten battle clans that have long been fighting for the title of the most powerful one.

    The game is completely sharpened by the PvP component, which is supported by a developed class system. After choosing one of the ten schools, you will rise from the young student to the trained warrior, then you can try and defend the honor of your teachers in a fierce battle.

    21 september 2019 11:48

    Swordsman Online is very good game i start play every day

    26 march 2020 11:24

    its bad game....i dont try it ever...have everything bad thing

    8 april 2020 19:51

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