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    Sword Art Online

    (4.31/5) 675 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Sword Art Online

    i thought this is a anime not the game tho hahahaha

    14 april 2020 06:22

    I LOVE THIS GAMe sits so much fun that i am just joking about it wth is this game i am only doing this form exp

    14 april 2020 14:01

    i got inspired from the SAO anime tho i havent played the game yet since my pc is too old

    16 april 2020 09:17

    the anime was fine, hopefully is the game better

    16 april 2020 18:03

    I loved the episodes more than this game but pretty cool there's a game about this.

    18 april 2020 03:25

    I missed how kirito treated the girl (i forgot her name but in my mind maybe it's asuna lol) that was missing so much for me.

    18 april 2020 03:27

    I hope they'll be having more updates for this anime and even the game.

    18 april 2020 03:28

    And I am also an anime lover I loved this anime so much

    18 april 2020 03:29

    I watched the first season of anime and now i want to play its game.

    19 april 2020 09:36

    I loved this game before, but now I'm just getting bored and sick of it. It's changed and I unfortunately will stop playing it.

    21 april 2020 21:53

    the series is pretty good. have't palyed the game

    23 april 2020 05:56

    Its interesting to some extent but I really want a vr game for it.

    23 april 2020 18:56

    where to play this game? i want to try this game? is this worth it playing

    24 april 2020 10:32

    Didn't realise they made a game of the anime, i hope that its good :D

    25 june 2020 00:57

    Huge fan of SAO, if you want to know more about the lore, you should play this

    25 june 2020 15:46

    havent played the game yet but the series was amazing

    26 june 2020 00:53

    anime games are the best iam outaku by the way

    26 june 2020 01:12

    but ther is animes dont have games and thats shame

    26 june 2020 01:13

    attack on titan game boring and so easy and thats unfortunate

    26 june 2020 01:14

    sword art online is the best game ever even anime i love sword art online so much

    26 june 2020 06:07

    I think naruto online is the best out of all these online anime games. It has comboes unlike others.

    27 june 2020 16:51

    the link for the game doesnt work, I prefer the anime tbh

    3 july 2020 06:58

    i thought this an anime!?
    does this have a game?

    4 july 2020 01:33

    Why it always stop when I'm sending screenshot?

    5 july 2020 03:25

    I just want to rate five stars because that game is so cool

    5 july 2020 15:32

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