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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Roblox

    the game is nice and i like to play it. There is alot of bad times and good times, and im happy because ive met someone who really likes to spend time with me in roblox!realy game is i welll is nic name is memo goood game legendry gamits good and it has more games than you think and all of them are really good

    14 february 2020 15:05

    if not its good for 5 yr olds so yeah it is good and recommended by me

    14 february 2020 16:35

    this is the best online pc browser game

    14 february 2020 16:44

    its one of the best games you can play for free with over 1000+ games

    14 february 2020 17:53

    my best games played in roblox are the anime based ones love it

    14 february 2020 18:54

    Roblox is the most awesome and cool game ive played!

    14 february 2020 21:15

    roblox is a realy really good game so play it

    14 february 2020 23:14

    Kids in this game they aint no fun I'M NOT LYING. LIKE THE SALTY ONES.

    17 february 2020 11:36

    this game is the fun,gaming platform

    18 february 2020 00:44

    yeah roblox is pretty cool, sometimes exploiters ruin it but its ok

    18 february 2020 02:30

    Roblox is a really cool game but i wish they would resolve the problem with the viruses from the models from the catalog

    18 february 2020 05:51

    i love this game is so fun and awasome game

    18 february 2020 19:25

    One of my fav game in roblox is project jojo it have so many stand, good map, good for fighting and more

    19 february 2020 02:24

    roblox is fun and addicting i guess. I play it every day xd

    19 february 2020 03:50

    Roblox is still fungame
    but there's sadly lot of bullyer with scammers

    19 february 2020 06:35

    i like roblox as i like minecraft both of games are very fun and roblox gives u many mini games that was createdby many players. u can also make money from creating ur own games in roblox

    19 february 2020 07:08

    roblox is a realy really good game so play it

    19 february 2020 16:58

    Its a really fun game to make friends and play a big variety of games

    19 february 2020 19:07

    I can tell its a game I like because I have been playing it for a few years now

    19 february 2020 22:23

    but whatever we always like and trus roblox as loyal players thats other fact that roblox is meant for kids but now also have adults added lol

    20 february 2020 08:31

    I sent 6 tasks and only two got verified. The others keep getting refused. I sent it again, but I don' know... I tried like 3 different screenshots for each game. I really don't know what they want from us. Atleast they should give us a solid reason, not a list that basically says "you made a mistake, try again".

    20 february 2020 08:35

    Roblox is quite fun, considering theres tons of games. There are tons without requiring you to pay or any sort.Overall cool

    20 february 2020 10:26

    roblox is the best game ever.with millions of followers plays this game

    20 february 2020 15:12

    Well roblox is a good game because some people will make some good game if there has good dev.

    20 february 2020 15:50

    Also good dev will make good game.. and if you want to robux to fast in roblox go to be a builder

    20 february 2020 16:31

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