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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Raid: Shadow Legends

    worth the 1-5 mins of a youtube video? Yes

    25 january 2020 01:20

    And I also think the guy above me lost it because of this game lol

    27 january 2020 22:27

    This game has been overhyped and advertised everywhere I go. To be honest, the game isn't really immersive, and I feel that it's overrated. Also, I don't see why I wouldn't download any other turn based rpg other than this one, since they're pretty much all the same anyways.

    28 january 2020 03:07

    high rated game, good game hype guys hype its really good .

    28 january 2020 07:52

    The game, the most YouTubers are useing as a ad for their YouTube video's

    30 january 2020 17:28

    Not an epic game. It's boring and it doesn't feel like a good game

    1 february 2020 21:54

    I love this game very fun and exciting so many different characters to choose from.

    2 february 2020 03:04

    Cannot upload image for the second quest.

    4 february 2020 21:23

    How are you guys im having a very good day myself i love how good this game is fun but i have a hard time getting better characters.

    6 february 2020 01:50

    only game that credits fast all the other games on the site are broken and do not credit .

    7 february 2020 21:48

    how do i post to show i have completed step 1

    9 february 2020 11:02

    Says I didn't create a new account, but I did only for this thanks ;/

    10 february 2020 05:51

    This game is great and tasks are easy.

    11 february 2020 17:03

    I actually love the game. Been playing for 2 days and I'm level 25 with 43k power :P. It's not too hard and its a fun grinding game, I recommend.

    13 february 2020 05:40

    guys, i did a task, and aciedently sent the wrong screenshot, but randomly, they accepted my screen shot, it wasn't the right screen shot but they still accepted it ****

    13 february 2020 11:14

    *Please don't ban me gamehag :confused:*

    13 february 2020 11:15

    The bad thing about this is that yt HATES this game so not allot of people wan't to play this. But yes the challenges are easy :)

    13 february 2020 15:48

    why cant't we upload screenshots

    14 february 2020 22:33

    guys, if you finish all the tasks for one game., will it restart the tasks

    15 february 2020 05:09

    One of the easiest games on this website.

    18 february 2020 05:02

    Game is alright I guess, though I've seen it enough times in adverts so there's that.

    20 february 2020 10:15

    What is Raid: Shadow Legends the game like LOL?

    20 february 2020 14:32

    Challenges were easy. Very small file size.

    21 february 2020 12:30

    Maybe the best RPG game out there by now

    22 february 2020 08:57

    This game is okay. I see too many ads of it saying it's the best game.

    22 february 2020 16:38

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