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    About PokeWars

    PokeWars is a free-to-play browser game, where we’re playing as a Pokemon trainer. At the beggining, we have to choose our trainer’s appearance and the Pokemon we start with. Our main task is exploring the world in search of new Pokemon species and training them. You can teach them new attacks, prepare some clever tactics, which will give you an advantage in your fights against wild Pokemons or other trainers. The game is waiting for you with lots of interesting quests given by Professor Oak.
    Join the world of Pokemon and become a Pokemon Trainer now!

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    Comments for PokeWars (9) -

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    23 february 2017 15:48

    Nawet ok gierka.

    28 june 2017 01:54


    1 july 2017 11:11

    It;s okay I guess

    8 august 2017 01:59

    Im playing it for 1 year now. it's a good 😜

    8 august 2017 14:36


    14 august 2017 21:22

    Nice game. I play it almost 2 years ;) Lot of pokemons and much to do ;)

    17 august 2017 19:36

    i love pokemon man but didnt played this game yet

    17 august 2017 19:37

    but im gonna try it cause it seems like a good game


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