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    About Pokemon Mega

    The popularity of Pokemon is unquestionable, and their phenomenon, although incomprehensible to some, is not subject to any discussion. After the success of Pokemon Go, it is not surprising that there are more and more games on this market devoted to this topic. Pokemon Mega belongs to this category as well.

    Pokemon Mega is a combination of classic gameplay for gameboys (with catching pokemon, training and fighting with other players) with typical elements of MMO (guilds, trades, tournaments, etc.)

    Thanks to the multitude of options and tasks, the game does not get bored even after a longer playing time, and adapting games to browsers allows access from wherever we are, without downloading.

    23594 users are playing Pokemon Mega

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    I agree. *click* tanku sir

    3 april 2019 08:58

    beauty game

    30 january 2019 20:50

    *click* Very noise

    4 february 2019 15:04


    6 april 2019 18:41

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