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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Neverwinter

    how do you screen shot ur quest

    6 august 2017 00:09

    got refused too and i did the quest...
    They need to give us more Information, or an preview picture for how it should be...

    9 august 2017 21:15

    I have played up to level 32 and still have not received the quest... All quests seemed to have worked fine except "A true professional".

    10 august 2017 12:35

    If u want your Screenshot accepted u have to take a Screenshot of your Questlog ( there is an option to show completed Quests) Also note that your character name have to be visible ( mostly in the upper left corner ) If your Screenshot still becomes refused just talk to the support ( i talked to the support on Discord the nice guy is called Gamehag_Herman and helped me out a lot ). He also told me that the reson why some Screenshots become refused is because their system is not perfect.

    Just take a Screenshot of your questlog AND your character name and if your screenshot still become refused, chill out a bit and talk to the support they will help you. (but be nice ;) )

    11 august 2017 13:27

    Okay, the quest is completable :) You just have to go straight to Sgt. Knox just as you reach level 10!

    11 august 2017 13:43

    thx for the info

    11 august 2017 20:19

    Really cool game, will keep playing

    11 august 2017 22:03

    I got refused ***? I did it and took a screenshot with paint.net

    13 august 2017 00:16

    obsolete verification system or is it a scam ?

    19 august 2017 21:33

    Good game

    31 august 2017 09:21

    Waiting verification...

    5 september 2017 13:33

    Maybe I will try it (maybe) ...

    5 september 2017 16:51

    The image they provide for Neverwinter is not from Neverwinter. It's from The Elder Scrolls Online.

    It's not F2P, but way better than this. Probably why they used this image.

    20 september 2017 10:52

    It only works on windows.

    24 september 2017 07:12

    Get the quest at lvl 10 after completing Nest Egg I sumitted my pic will keep you all updated

    30 september 2017 19:05

    my pic doesn't even go through

    1 october 2017 01:24

    is gamehag kidding me... 20gb big game?

    1 october 2017 07:06

    i agree, thanks man!

    2 october 2017 05:52

    They accepted after I resubmitted and clearly marked on the pic the quest name and underlined where it said completed. thanks gamehag :relieved:

    3 october 2017 12:42

    i instantly got my gems...
    here, i will tell you what i did:
    1. create a new account through "play for free". (use an email that was never registered for neverwinter before. they didnt send me a verification email btw.)
    2. log in to game. at first login, it will ask you to remember your login ip and computer name (for save login)
    3. do the quests, get level 10.
    4. do the "a true professional" quest (note: its a really really short quest, but it take long to get lvl 10. it took me about 3-4h)
    5. (your game should be full screen mode). press "J" to open your journal and click at the "true professional quest". on the right side, it shoud descripe the quest and
    it should say that you have completed it.
    6. do NOT edit the image. do NOT draw markings, dont circle anything.
    7. take a screenshot with a software like msi afterburner (because if you do it with print key, it will give black scree in paint and other image editors. at least it was like that in my case. because print key is made for windows screenshots, not for ingame screenshots. thats why many games dont work with printkey screenshot. most games have their own ingame screenshot hotkeys)

    @forgaz_drag: i dont understand. does it mean on the left screen, neverwinter runs, and on the right youstill see windows desktop? if thats the case, just take a screensot and crop out the neverwinter screen. it should work (i think). but if neverwinter is split between 2 screens... idk.

    4 october 2017 05:57

    (its not english btw, so dont be surprised. "ein wahrer experte" = a true progessional. "abgeschlossen" = completed

    4 october 2017 06:00

    brupa i mean i have two moniters so when i take a screenshot it shows both moniters so i have to crop it out

    4 october 2017 06:43

    how did you get level 10 in only 1h? i started this game but its so slow leveling

    4 october 2017 19:18

    you have to cleary show your username to get the gems

    5 october 2017 00:22

    dum q ,but are it gonna work if u go through steam?

    5 october 2017 01:33

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