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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game My Free Zoo

    Great game. Have completed 3 tasks playing30 mins a day during 2 weeks

    19 january 2020 16:33

    It is a good game but u will need time to claim everything all day long

    1 february 2020 17:42

    wow exelenet game very very very nice

    5 february 2020 08:47

    I know better games, but ok. it could be worse

    8 february 2020 00:12

    I dont like it there are many much better free zoo games

    21 february 2020 19:54

    ok so can anyone please tell that canwe earn soul gems from thes aand even if we do howmuch?

    30 november 2020 08:07

    My Free Zoo is game who every playes as be kid but is old memories

    1 december 2020 15:54

    this game is awesome to play and its pretty good but not a top tier game

    10 january 2021 23:39

    i do play this game when im bored, its fun and i like to play it

    cute graphics

    23 january 2021 00:24

    bad and poor game i don't like it it is very boring

    27 january 2021 21:11

    need help for the games plz game crashed evry play time

    7 february 2021 15:51

    Ohhh i like this game can we party because im aloe i need to talk my friends please

    14 february 2021 04:46

    This game i dont like it it is boaring so u can pass this game score 1/5 really bad game dont play it also pay to win

    26 february 2021 14:40

    2 out of 10 it doesnot require any skills is boring and like a lot if you are older than 5 i dont recommend it at all

    11 march 2021 09:50

    This game is very nostalgic I remember playing it when I were younger

    8 november 2021 20:13

    I really like this game when i was 13 years old.

    20 november 2021 14:53

    one of the missions is to invite 3 more friends to start playing :rolling_eyes:
    no one is gonna do that

    16 april 2023 21:12

    I made 2 new different accounts where I made my first mission but in both cases they rejected my proof saying it's not a new register account (spoiler alert: they were new). This guys don't really feel like giving you the money for completing the tasks.

    25 april 2023 17:51

    its way to hard to obtain cash to build stuff

    17 june 2023 12:28

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