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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

    kind of like league of legends but on mobile

    2 april 2020 11:03

    what ist hisgame i dont know this game but i think this game is very stupid game why is this game in my reccomednadationas stupido my cousin play fortnite everyday he pro and he carry me wsith 20 kills everygame

    2 april 2020 11:30

    any filipino here lol I'm a filipino but I know how to speak spanish and english add me on mobile legends if you want to : prince brylle lima

    3 april 2020 15:33

    This game are very fun to play and i play this game many time in my phone and pc!

    6 april 2020 08:55

    The great one for me is MLBB haha i can get many promos from unipin when i top up that game xixi

    8 april 2020 20:27

    It reminds me of leauge of legends, but a cheaper one. Ofcourse its on mobile, soo what i want! As a mobile game is very good, a good replacement as league of legends. I know thats some giys said the same as me in the comments. Its pretty good. Has good parts in it, and bad parts too. So if you want, you can write some negative parts and positive parts.

    9 april 2020 10:48

    me want xp as i am close to levle up

    9 april 2020 16:06

    i hate my life busters and i am gonna zoinks

    9 april 2020 16:07

    uh i didn't play alot now but i still love and idk why :/

    10 april 2020 14:48

    this game is fun, the graphics are even good for mobile

    11 april 2020 01:11

    i love this game very much i want to play now is so very best game

    11 april 2020 06:01

    of course it

    11 april 2020 06:53

    i love this game so much, when i top up at unipin i got some of many discounts from there,,, lets see the website :sunglasses:

    11 april 2020 08:48

    MLBB is the most interesting for me, cause i can get many discounts from unipin, if you wanna know lets check the wibsite,,

    12 april 2020 09:54

    the difference between the champions it's too big, like for example, a team with layla has a 50% of winning

    12 april 2020 14:14

    i c an finally play this game on a pc its one of my favourites and its relaxing to play

    14 april 2020 20:41

    wow so interesting,, i got cashback when i top up Roblox at unipin :yum:

    14 april 2020 21:35

    meh game, there are better ones out there,i like it

    15 april 2020 03:53

    why would u play tha game anymore is 2k20 lololololoooollool

    16 april 2020 09:10

    this game is a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16 april 2020 16:09

    its a good game except character are not originally made,

    24 april 2020 15:48

    It is a nice game, though you need a good phone to advance with it

    24 april 2020 17:36

    Pretty good game I must say 3/5
    I don't know if I like it but It is fine

    10 june 2020 09:56

    Pretty good 5v5 Moba Game. Graphics are good, champions are sometimes broken but getting nerfed. Making the heroes balanced. I feel bad for my Harith, Claude, and Lunox for getting nerfed all the time.

    28 june 2020 08:09

    simple to play on the go and with less mental stress or hardware requirements than league on.

    7 july 2020 14:55

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