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    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    (3.93/5) 171 rates

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    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Cast 12 white or blue spells

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Magic: The Gathering Arena

    Fantastic work on this game! The tutorial was really fun to play through, and actually made me think about what to play.

    1 december 2018 02:09

    what do i need to do to prove it i did it but there is no way to prove it apparent;y

    1 december 2018 11:52

    Yeah i think this is one of those tasks similar to Heavy metals machines that you should not complete because they require you to use steam and will never be able to verify you creating a new account.

    1 december 2018 21:17

    Complete the tutorial and send capture of the exact moment when I complete the tutorial and I reject it, some help that I have to capture?

    2 december 2018 11:44

    I can't even download this. I click the "Play for free", it opens up a new tab that says "Redirecting" then it kicks me back to to here with the complete task box open asking for screenshot.

    5 december 2018 03:38

    It switches screens right away so you can only show them a screen where it says "retake tutorial" but still denied. they said it seems I didnt make a new account.

    5 december 2018 05:53

    I keep getting denied and I submitted 2 tickets, each time telling me that it has to be a new account. In each of those I specify that this is the first time I ever played Magic the Gathering, so of course it is a new account. The screenshots clearly show I have what anyone has as soon as they complete the tutorial.

    16 december 2018 23:25

    I registered a account and it just keeps getting rejected saying its not a new account. I used the link and have never played the game until few days ago when I made the account.

    18 december 2018 21:34

    [A task for Magic: The Gathering Arena has been rejected.. You haven’t completed the task!] I did everything right but this annoying message always comes to me this site is deceptive

    18 december 2018 21:36

    The Tutorial does a decent job of letting you understand how the MTG game works. Seems like something difficult to master, howerver.

    10 january 2019 20:42

    i just need lvl 3 man comon

    2 april 2019 03:38

    fix it man

    2 april 2019 08:25

    did not work sadly

    6 april 2019 23:04

    got rejected because of no reason

    6 april 2019 23:05

    like the game , its fun

    8 april 2019 01:06

    Same here all rejected ))))) nothing new :D

    8 april 2019 05:36

    How can proof i have new accont ? i screenshot when 5 packs was allowed to after tutorial and now my screenschoot was rejected ...

    8 april 2019 19:44

    the tutorial is over when the blue star thingy stops talking to you and tells you that you can ask her for more info at the info button

    9 april 2019 10:07

    I posted screen after tutorial even with registration email ( date in that mail is 1 day before ) and rejected because " havent registered new acc" ...*** you want more ?

    11 april 2019 14:08

    It's about an arena in which is gathered magic!

    17 april 2019 00:07

    Looks like hearthstone,but maybe i will try it one day.

    19 april 2019 09:27

    Can someone pleas tell me, how to complete the tasks. Every time i send picture, it says Havent registered new account. So i cant do the tasks. Pleas help!

    22 april 2019 06:59

    Do i have to make account through the website or in the MTG Arena game?

    22 april 2019 06:59

    i wanna do it but yall say it dont work so im not gonna waste my time

    22 april 2019 07:45

    It says, win 6 matches? But it doesn't display any forms of Profile Stats Record? How would I complete this?

    22 april 2019 16:34

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