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    League of Angels: Heaven's Fury

    (3.83/5) 588 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game League of Angels: Heaven's Fury

    It is a very good game to play and it never gets old..

    11 june 2020 19:44

    very fun game to play never gets old 10/10

    12 june 2020 09:43

    it is very nais geym to play in free times like now!

    13 june 2020 21:11

    Game is good If I play so much I can be addict is this game.

    21 july 2020 19:10

    This article was great! And so was the game, there are no bugs despite what trolls are saying. :D

    22 july 2020 04:27

    I love this game!!! This game is has very good graphic, controls and everything. :D I love it

    22 july 2020 11:32

    how can I get my SG for finishing my quest?

    22 july 2020 11:42

    nice game its really good like having so many choices of games........

    22 july 2020 15:28

    nice game i play every day 24 / 7 with my brother multiplayer

    22 july 2020 16:45

    Ok nice, it seems cool, but not my type ._.

    22 july 2020 21:37

    i cant bivile i have to buy 100 coin for 500 SG and i get 474 SG back

    22 july 2020 21:38

    The way to insert your photograph is to go to file explorer, find the photo, drag that photo into the box, and there ya go.

    23 july 2020 14:40

    nice graphics great game for past time :innocent:

    24 july 2020 04:07

    how to fast gem guys this is first time play this

    24 july 2020 06:02

    I sent a screenshot of my character's profile and sent it for verification. 2 days later, it got rejected and says, "It seems like you haven't registered a new account in the game." Which confused me, so I opened up LOA and I'm back at the character selection screen. Doesn't this mean my progress has been reset?
    Another thing that's been bothering me: it's the 2nd or 3rd step in the first task. The one about the email. I've checked my email a dozen times already in the span of about 30 mins and nothing about LOA was sent to me, so I thought that there was no "Check the mail sent to your email." Could somebody please help me with this?

    24 july 2020 06:56

    i dont complete these all steps because i dont play this game

    24 july 2020 18:56

    Seems like a fun game to check out and play

    26 august 2020 23:00

    me too, i can't get my Gem from Rewards :(

    27 august 2020 06:46

    I became level15 but nothing happened

    27 august 2020 07:51

    Fun game it seems, says it got a 35% bonus for soul gems but i cant get any but ok.

    27 august 2020 09:28

    how to play this game can someone to help me

    27 august 2020 15:46

    im playing this game on gamekit right now because gamehag dont really accept tasks as good as gamekit, because gamekit accepted more tasks from me in their site than mine in gamehag.

    29 august 2020 20:10

    so cool games here to gamehug play now of lvl

    8 september 2020 08:10

    i new game how downlaod i play game PVP and PRG not much

    17 september 2020 11:19

    The game is great but like above me and can be really addicting.

    23 september 2020 03:07

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