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One of the most popular economic strategy browser games. Ikariam puts us in place of an ancient ruler, slowly developing his empire from, initially, a small Greek village. Obviously, as for every strategy game, we need resources, in which will be based our economy. Through them we can expand our buildings, make an army and slowly develop our town. The game, even if played by browser, is highly complex and complicated. We have much things to consider on, like how many people should be sent to the mines and how many into to the battlefield or the diplomacy between players and alliances without which it is nearly impossible to survive. This all may be more complicated than it seems. However, it’s a great advantage of this game, as no one likes when it is too easy! The game would quickly become boring and yet it serves us lots of fun!

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Ikariam- Ikar spadł i osiedlił wyspę

Zaczynasz budowę osady, która staje się z czasem imperium.

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