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    Genshin Impact

    (4.55/5) 310 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Genshin Impact

    thats anime haha got it so done who vest game shipwar or genshin

    9 october 2020 04:06

    this game is soo good and i play it everyday when iam free. it like a drugs makes me addicted with these game.

    9 october 2020 17:39

    am free. it like a drugs makes me addicted with these game.

    10 october 2020 03:37

    is there any tasks here , i can work with?

    11 october 2020 15:35

    is there any tasks in this game?
    i need soulgem

    12 october 2020 01:14

    A quality game like no other. Very addicting with an immersive storyline. Quite f2p friendly. Gives botw vibes.

    13 october 2020 16:40

    i wish this game had tasks, its an incredible free to play experience

    14 october 2020 05:50

    It has wonderful open world and the animations, landscapes are simply beautiful and it's also free to play but just don't get addicted to the gacha in the game! I'd definitely recommend it

    14 october 2020 10:47

    I'm not so much into anime. Maybe I'll try some when they'll have tasks on gamehag. till' then...I'll just pass them!

    17 october 2020 00:17

    im really enjoying genshin impact, the world is a huge blast to explore crazy good for a free game

    22 october 2020 08:02

    this is a good game but i cant rate 5 start idk why oof

    27 october 2020 17:47

    There are no tasks for this game, however I wholeheartedly recommend it. I do not think there will be any tasks coming to gamehag simply for the reason that this game has pulled in so much money already. That's how good it is. Genshin impact is an open world gacha game that can be played on mobile and pc. It's honestly surprising how open world it is. You can literally never fun out of side quests or places to look. The artwork is so charming, the music is wonderful, the story is good. And most of all, it's f2p friendly. It's not a gacha pit of doom where you spend and spend and never get rewarded... (it kind of is) but your characters are good enough to allow you to finish the whole game and the only reason you would want to spend money is to get new ones to your fancy. You are never forced to spend money on this game.

    27 october 2020 21:52

    this is anime? hard game? need many many traning?

    29 october 2020 19:12

    it's a nice game me and my friend are playing co-op mode

    15 november 2020 01:31

    genshin is pretty nice but i wish more of my friends would play it

    15 november 2020 22:58

    from the gameplay, ive seen that graphics are not on the realistic side but more on the cartoon/anime type style y'know?

    17 november 2020 13:17

    i have intalled but have not played yet... i will try it soon

    18 november 2020 05:37

    As you might have noticed, there are no tasks for this game. If there were, it would have been very fun because this game is lit! I highly recommend you to play this game!

    11 december 2020 19:28

    I think even though the game lacks a bit I personally like the character design and the music it is my type of music, not all the tracks are my favorit ebut for one thing I totally looked on youtube for some of the tracks to see if I could add them to my playlist

    17 december 2020 16:28

    one of the best mmoof the year . there are plenty of quests and dungeons to do and you can have super powerful characters

    29 december 2020 01:39

    Very addicting with an immersive storyline. Quite f2p friendly. Gives botw vibes.

    29 december 2020 14:04

    i haven't played this but i wanna try it

    31 december 2020 12:22

    is this a good game that its good to play and also it is a anime game?

    14 january 2021 00:27

    I have watched many streams for Genshin Impact.
    As far as I watched the streams, the game looks pretty good and it interests me so much.

    I hope gamehag to add some tasks for this game, it will push me to play this game.

    21 january 2021 18:57

    This game is honestly overrated for me. It's really fun, but the hype makes it less enjoyable to play. But overall, the game is good as the gameplay is really nice and the graphics are good. Would rate it an 8/10.

    23 january 2021 09:19

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