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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

    (3.16/5) 7730 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

    ang saya nito laruin Gustong Gusto ko talaga yang laro na yan Subukan niyo laruin

    16 february 2020 00:53

    its a cool site and its fun to play with

    16 february 2020 07:04

    hi every one what's the code in this sites ??

    16 february 2020 07:06

    Alliteration helps writers punch points home by repeating the same sound (usually a consonant) of the first or second letter in a series of words. It tends to catch the reader's eye.

    16 february 2020 07:07

    thats so nice and so fun this game is goood

    16 february 2020 07:59

    This is just a chinese copy of a million other games that work the same, look the same, except its a got themed version of them. The email verification doesnt work

    16 february 2020 09:24

    basically several attack modes with every weapon. (Swords, daggers, staffs, blacksmith hammer) most of these attacks were triggered by the way you move. Getting backward while holding mouse 1 was a stab, the left side or right side ended up by the slice from that side. Getting head on lead to a heavy swing. Also the difference between the holding or pressing. Holding always ended up by a powerful attack which drained your stamina but dealt a heavy blow and when aimed on the proper body part it was not impossible to decapitate it (like legs, arms, heads). The cherry on top is the adrenalin stat. When full it triggers a mighty blow which always finishes off every enemy it hits.

    16 february 2020 10:09

    its so cooool this is epic! it gives soul gams, and we can play game!!

    16 february 2020 12:16

    also this is fun enough to play, soit will not be boring!

    16 february 2020 12:17

    easy to play but it took me long to finish the game

    16 february 2020 12:22

    so very cool article guys in a whole world

    16 february 2020 13:13

    this is a fun game ever i played in my experience

    16 february 2020 14:23

    I live this game! Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is the best!

    16 february 2020 14:51

    es tan lindo esto xd:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

    16 february 2020 19:51

    There is legit like 50 other games exactly like this one, but still fun an unique.

    16 february 2020 20:43

    I think this game needs inprovement tbh

    16 february 2020 20:47

    i love this game so much! i hope it will get new updates soon :P

    16 february 2020 20:49

    how to do task answer me i love this game but i cant wait to get my gems

    17 february 2020 03:25

    for some reason the game just doesn't appeal to me... i feel bored playing it.

    17 february 2020 03:27

    Well i don't like this game because have so many game like this like kingdom come

    18 february 2020 07:04

    the offer is fake, it does not send confirmation the email....

    18 february 2020 08:21

    do i get gems for commenting, cause i heard that you do, im too lazy to play these games

    18 february 2020 11:18

    its okay, if you wait for a download or installation to finish its a good time killer, but I prefer Lords Mobile.

    18 february 2020 11:21

    good game and usefull for spend empty time.

    18 february 2020 11:53

    Valentine's Day gamehag :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

    18 february 2020 12:04

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