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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game F: Battle Royale

    Nice pricing on the vbucks

    6 september 2018 20:59

    ill say it is a 1/10 because the game is very repetitive and the community sucks

    18 february 2020 03:23

    Eh you get bored after some time because its just always the same thing

    8 april 2020 18:46

    :smiley:I love fortnite its my favourite game

    8 april 2020 20:24

    It's a decent game, just need more content.

    9 april 2020 00:45

    Fortnite is trash made for 10 year olds

    9 april 2020 07:14

    is a battle royale game so because of that I never played Fortnite. I dont like that building aspect of the game.

    9 april 2020 07:18

    Really good graphics and really fun to play!

    9 april 2020 08:54

    Fortnite Battle Royale - a Unreal Engine 4's game produced by the People Can Fly (known for Bulletstorm or Painkiller) in cooperation with Epic Games. You can play Fortnite alone or together with friends - this is a great way to spend your free time. Before installing, check the system requirements, since the game is relatively demanding, but a graphics worth it.

    9 april 2020 10:04

    roblox is cool ok deal with it lool roblox is cool ok deal with it lool

    9 april 2020 12:52

    eh can say a im not played this game but 4/10 looks like

    9 april 2020 13:13

    didn't collect my gems for the taks, just been rejected with a clueless explanation that my account wasn't a new one...that's ridicilous giving the fact i played only for 3 hours same day i managed to download the game itself and completed the task... and then they adviced me to create a new acc and resent a screenshot once again...u know what? i'm better off delete this BS game likewise the platform i used to pay with my own money

    9 april 2020 13:13

    F battle royal are fortnite battle royal ?Yes its or not

    9 april 2020 13:14

    i like fornite season 3 my favorite season now soo good game

    9 april 2020 13:53

    i hate this game

    9 april 2020 16:36

    ima just play fortnite just for the gems

    9 april 2020 17:28

    Good game in my opinion. I like it and i enjoy it

    9 april 2020 21:53

    is the best fps game! I really love playing

    10 april 2020 01:19

    lol i do not like playing this game and its kinda sheit

    10 april 2020 05:24

    i think ths game cause alot of gygabyte i dont what your pc is guys

    10 april 2020 07:22

    gamehag is the best cause we can earn robux in this website by just completing task

    10 april 2020 07:24

    fortnite is trash i dont like fortnite aim pro on aim but here need more skils on bulding not on aim.

    10 april 2020 10:34

    there are a lot of bots so i dont like fortnite anymore

    10 april 2020 13:06

    This game gets repetitive fast and people try way too hard in casual play

    10 april 2020 16:06

    The game just really isn't the same anymore

    10 april 2020 16:07

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