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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game F: Battle Royale

    This game is trash and i hate it very much

    20 january 2020 17:56

    i don't play this as much as my friends but it's not that bad.But i do check on it and see the uploads and thing. Just saying i'm not saying it's the best game now but i just check on it but never play it

    21 january 2020 12:42

    I nevered played fortnite befor but kinda look's like a interesting game to play

    21 january 2020 15:33

    Very good game for me, but they need to add something interesting in game, like they did in the good old times.

    21 january 2020 18:17

    lol my friend has left fortnite he say its a sh*t of game and he dont like it , i am kined of yes , i like the game

    21 january 2020 19:41

    some of my friends has left fortnite and go to play on games like : fifa 20 , gta v , roblox , rocket leauge , and csgo , i wish to get all of that games

    21 january 2020 19:42

    i saw ninja , the youtuber of fortnite , his the best fortnite player i have ever saw , more than mongraal , he is uploading a new videos every 2 days , hes streaming at mixer , its like twitch , you can stream there , i wish play with ninja soooo muchh , who else love ninja here?

    21 january 2020 19:43

    some one is like ninja too like am i , i think his pretty good at the gmae.

    21 january 2020 19:45

    guys what are you thinking about ninja ? is he good? is he bad? text here for i will know if you think like me!

    21 january 2020 19:51

    spurgee in front of you , i am not accept your opinion about the game , this game is amazing! maybe you dont like it becuse you die many times and fight with tryhards , but at all this game is so good! much pepole i met was play this game , then they were trying new games , they loved the other games , and say fortnite is trash game , than before 5 month they allll came again and play fortnite till now.

    21 january 2020 19:53

    so just for know , this game is not trash i dont think so :grin: who think like that maybe not so good at games

    21 january 2020 19:54

    ninja is the best youtuber , that i ever seen , its so conferble for say it

    21 january 2020 20:09

    Fortnite is a battle royale game in which up to 100 people drop onto an island and attempt to survive longer than everyone else. Players farm resources that are used to build elaborate structures in which to take cover from, or from which to attack, other players.

    21 january 2020 21:37

    I nevered played this game before but it kinda look like a good game

    21 january 2020 23:22

    yo is anyone online here? lets talk about fortnite!

    22 january 2020 15:20

    я не так часто играю в эту игру, как мои друзья, но это не так уж плохо.Но я действительно проверяю его и вижу загрузки и все такое. Просто говорю, что я не говорю, что это лучшая игра сейчас, но я просто проверяю ее, но никогда не играю в нее

    22 january 2020 15:56

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