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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game F: Battle Royale

    Fortnite is fun especially with teammates/friends.

    19 january 2019 23:40

    I would rate Fortnite between 7 and 8. It's a good game, it's addictive and fun to play especially with friends. I love the creative mode and I'm currently building mapas and making my own games. I like that there are different types of battles and they let people contribute with they ideas. BUT there are issues: first of all the fct you can't really progress much and get anything without paying. I just want a character of my own, a fixed one, but nope, I need to pay for that. Levels are useless. Battles are with everyone and better players will always win, there is no division to play with people of your actual level. Also, there is no good tutorial at the beginning and it's so confusing fr someone who knows nothing to get started.

    16 september 2019 11:23

    i would rate fortnite 6/10. the game is fun, addictive and it has a lot of potential. but epic games is not using that potential and they add useless/op stuff almost every week. its hard to start off now because everyone is too good and no one treats new players nicely.

    16 september 2019 16:57

    oynayan varsa pre gırebılırızoynayan varsa pre g

    16 september 2019 23:39

    I remember fortnite in season 2 it was a very good game but now it has turned into a catastrophe.:worried:

    19 september 2019 18:38

    I like this game because is my favorite

    4 october 2019 21:35

    ilove fortinte game is very nice game ilove this game so match

    5 october 2019 02:50

    this game is not entertaining at all 0 stars

    5 october 2019 16:33

    i love fortnite game is very nice game. i love this game so match

    5 october 2019 18:46

    i love fortnite and all past collabs thise were the best

    6 october 2019 02:20

    my favorite game

    6 october 2019 06:51

    the graphics are great and stuff but I really really hate battle royales and this is not an exception.

    6 october 2019 17:04

    my favorite gamenow season X has the mechs, it is just the worst. fortnite is digging its on

    11 october 2019 07:12

    my brother said fortnite is bad and he prefers apex legend and PUBG

    13 october 2019 01:38

    i love this game. but i dont know why everybody bullyng this game

    13 october 2019 10:24

    game hscdc

    13 october 2019 17:27

    i want to die jk i want to die you noob i hate you hahahha xd jk but bye

    19 october 2019 21:33

    Fortnite'yi 7 ile 8 arasında bulairim. Bu iyi bir oyun, eğlenceli arkadaşlarla oynamak bağımlılık ve eğlenceli. Yaratıcı modu seviyorum ve şu anda harita oluşturuyorum ve kendi oyunumu kendim yapıyorum. Farklı odaklı savaşların olduğunu seviyorum. AMA meseleler var: onu şeyden önce gerçekten çoktan ataraksınız ve hiçbir şey ödemeden alamazsınız. Sadece kendime ait bir karakter istiyorum, sabit olanı, ama hayır, bunun için para ödemem istiyorum. Seviyeler işe yaramaz. Savaşlar herkesin oradadır ve daha iyi oyuncular onu zaman kazanır, gerçek seviyenizdeki insanlarla oynayabileceğiniz bir bölüm yoktur. Ayrıca, başlangıçta iyi bir eğitim yok ve hiçbir şey bilmeyen biri için çok kafa karıştırıcı.

    19 october 2019 21:49

    i need xp broos too lmuch broo misty is angru

    19 october 2019 22:18


    19 october 2019 22:22

    adadawd adawdawd adawda dawdadaw dawdawd awdawdawd ad

    20 october 2019 13:05

    its a very cool game but it isn't for me I'd give it a 3/5

    20 october 2019 16:54

    6/10. Fortnite is good, fun and all but has its problems too. Where to I start from?
    1. Players that have a monster PC encounter microstutters.
    2. Ping and fps drops are terribly annoying. (Ping rise even with wired connection.
    3. Purchasing doesn't always work.
    4. Friends system is awful. I add the epic name? User not found .
    Why is Fortnite on ps4 Perfect?

    20 october 2019 18:58

    I didnt quite get into fortnite on PS4 or XBOX ONE. I purchased a gaming PC for other games and decided i would try Fortnite on PC. When i played my first game (still learning the keys for basic PC gaming) i found that once i get use to the controls, it would be easier and more fun to play Fortnite on PC than on PS4 and XBOX ONE. I give Fortnite a 9/10.

    21 october 2019 12:39

    Fortnite very cool game i recommend playing! You can't say im wrong because its true!

    23 october 2019 13:49

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