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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Forge of Empires

    why did you refused?

    7 august 2017 15:01

    I play but where is the my gem ??

    8 august 2017 15:37

    I recommend this! I play this game and i've recieved the gems :D

    9 august 2017 12:25

    i begin to play this game for gems but i really loved it

    9 august 2017 23:32

    good game but the idea is not original

    10 august 2017 01:51

    Gameplay feels like Fire Emblem, except not nearly as good.

    10 august 2017 21:43

    To everyone who is being instantly refused, message Misty and she'll help you out :thumbsup:

    11 august 2017 12:07

    Its task is difficult compared to others, but in terms of the game itself, it's okay gameplay wise, it has slow progression and requires a lot of patience.

    12 august 2017 22:10

    Refused twice in a row after correctly being refferred by GameHag and after showing Paruuch conquered, along with my name and URL.
    Pathetically amateur process.

    15 august 2017 00:41

    I have zero clue how they verify the tasks....I have completed task on other games but I'm having a lot of difficulty making them accept tasks for this game as well as SAO and Divine Storm

    15 august 2017 02:09

    I'm also getting instantly refused and messaging Misty isn't helping

    15 august 2017 02:10

    Misty won't help you, she is like a bot, copying and pasting the same messages all the time.

    15 august 2017 16:18

    i hope they will accept my screen now already the 3rd try xD

    15 august 2017 22:45

    Jesus christ, they refused my screenshot again.... No explication, no nothing, just refused again after I completed the task that they asked.

    16 august 2017 06:49

    Why didn't they accepted my screenshot???:sweat_smile:

    16 august 2017 11:56

    You can do things quite easily until you actually get to Paruuch, where enemies start to get tough. I don't think I will complete this game, it takes 20 seconds to create a melee guy but an hour to create a ranged one and the enemies have much further advantage over you.

    16 august 2017 16:22

    Don't waste your time with this site, they won't accept your screenshots.

    16 august 2017 17:57

    got refused again. i will just earn the last points for the stuff i need and then say goodbuy to this site there are enough better ...

    16 august 2017 18:54

    hmm ok i got it now hmm seems like misty helped

    16 august 2017 19:48

    If you have any issues with your task completion please use the Contact form or write to Misty. We'll help you guys, you don't need to be upset! ;>

    17 august 2017 13:46

    This game has so many misleading ads. Sad.

    18 august 2017 02:22

    I think the task is a little bit difficult, but its fun. :D

    20 august 2017 12:35

    im in the medieval age already that long it takes to accept the freaking task

    27 august 2017 19:40

    I am in Iron Age why not accept ???

    28 august 2017 13:48

    It is so hard to reach to the iron age and there is almost none gems for it, I don;t think is really worth it, fr.

    25 november 2017 07:08

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