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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game FIFA 18

    i dont like soccer games soccer games is not my game trams

    27 december 2019 12:38

    i am fifa player and its helpful.thanks about rhe article bro

    27 december 2019 21:45

    One of the best games I've ever played. Ratings = 8/10
    what could be improved? Graphics and also a small portion of randomness in the game can really be improved.

    30 january 2020 21:42

    great game but now we have fifa 2019 so kinda useless lol

    1 february 2020 14:21

    I lİKE FOOTBALL GAMES BUT SOME HARD so i don't play much

    3 february 2020 12:11

    fun with friends, if you are football lover this is your game

    5 february 2020 05:13

    Tom Braddy is the Best Player on FootBall and He is so Cool!

    5 february 2020 09:04

    i watch a lot of youtubers play fifa, and i really enjoy it. but i don't have the actual game.

    5 february 2020 23:08

    All fifa games seem the same but I dont care its cool

    6 february 2020 15:39

    I don't play the game but I love watching youtube gameplays of this.

    7 february 2020 14:54

    yes i know very good game i play it every day i play pokemon goand fifa 19

    8 february 2020 15:48

    i love this game. 10 starsssss and more

    9 february 2020 18:07

    I dont like fifa because I dont like football that much. I dont like PES either. From sports I most like basketball :D..

    9 february 2020 18:25

    I kinda like football so I play football games like Fifa and PES. But I more like PES, its better graphics and gameplay. In fifa there is so much bugs, sometimes they are funny but sometimes I lose because of some stupid bug. Only thing in which is Fifa better is getting license from clubs and leagues.. but still you can easily download patch for PES. In Fifa I like this new mode that came out called volta, this is only thing I play on Fifa right now

    9 february 2020 18:46

    this game is best when you play with your friends

    12 february 2020 03:36

    I’d love to see a rate or article for this game, I love this game so much.

    12 february 2020 04:47

    FIfa 18 is same as 17 which is same as 16 and so on

    14 february 2020 20:47

    I ll rate this game 80 points out of 100

    17 february 2020 18:36

    Fifa about reality, they focus how player look in game more than focus how to play.
    We want got fun, not see how players looks in game, we can use google to see him xD

    20 february 2020 01:42


    20 february 2020 14:31

    This is intersting game, but I am very bad in this

    22 february 2020 12:07

    Please don't hate me for saying that but I don't know why but all FIFA versions look the same for me. But still quite a fun game played it a ton of times on PlayStation. You can never call your self a gamer if you didn't play this game at one point in your life.

    22 march 2020 00:18

    oyunu cok begendim grafik acisindan tut oynanisina kadar amq cok lotu oyun!!!!

    23 march 2020 10:29

    i like fifa 18 but scince fifa 19 came ive been playing it but fifa 18 is pretty good game

    23 march 2020 17:03

    Graphics and also a small portion of randomness in the game can really be improved.
    nly thing in which is Fifa better is getting license from clubs and leagues..

    24 march 2020 05:35

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