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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Dragon Lord

    i think its a good game

    12 april 2019 20:12

    wonderful gameplay i like this storyline nice job

    13 may 2019 13:08

    I hope this threater will be famous too....

    7 august 2019 21:53

    Very good game Good luck Thanks you gamehag

    8 august 2019 16:33

    lol i love drangon...... but city XDXD :D

    10 august 2019 02:15

    dragon lord !! sound great XD is it game or something?

    24 september 2019 18:58

    its just like awp dragon lord in csgo, haha

    14 october 2019 08:12

    Really cool game. Liked it a lot, aslo free gems

    24 october 2019 14:54

    i dont know about this game at all by the way but with the name of the game it seems like and rpg adventure game or and rpg open world game or something like that and both of them are awesome so j would to try this game

    12 november 2019 15:58

    i actually really started to like the game. the gameplay starts to unfold some underlying mechanics just before 40. it adds a gardening system, mini hunts, mini games such as dailies for powerful armor gems or a dungeon where you have to hunt down a dragon and its treasure. You can almost annoyingly seem to level up every minute aspect kf your character. evedy couple of kevel im given the abikity to do more. it woukd be excellent if there was a better community, lol. kinda lonely on there.

    15 november 2019 17:12

    havent played but seems like a good game to play

    10 february 2020 08:31

    how can we get gems in this game? there is no challenge in this site so how?

    13 february 2020 09:41

    i like this cool game and i like the dragons

    19 february 2020 17:07

    i dont know what this game is,but im gonna try it

    21 march 2020 16:56

    I wanna play this game for gems but when im in it i played it for fun.

    22 march 2020 20:14

    First i wanna play the game for gems but now i play it for fun.

    23 march 2020 14:43

    Amazing story line totally recommand this game!!

    25 march 2020 12:42

    I like this game is very cool and the story is good

    26 march 2020 19:43

    I never play Droagon Lore but I think is a good game

    27 march 2020 12:20

    i hate dragon lord i love the game its so fun

    27 march 2020 14:52

    why this game is not paid for gems?
    it would be amazing..i like dragons

    28 march 2020 08:22

    Strategies or tips for completing this challenge?
    I think it's True

    29 march 2020 03:10

    this game is kinda boring for me

    30 march 2020 18:35

    hmmm its this game good i am gonna test it

    2 april 2020 07:10

    can you be freinds in this game its look cool:)

    2 april 2020 07:11

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