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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Dragon Awaken

    It seems like after Lvl 29 you have to pay to get the book or something so to complete Task 3 you have to do it the long way roud....little by little...with mini battles and events....taking a while....might take a few days

    16 february 2019 03:05

    i wish that this game had atleast 1.5k gems and other webbgames to

    17 february 2019 21:52

    great game thank you for making

    18 february 2019 04:09

    Got the lvl 15 task done, now heading to lvl 30. Will update.

    18 february 2019 04:21

    I have to wait for 48h

    18 february 2019 08:05

    lol you removed the game AGAIN just as I was getting to complete Task 3!!! oh gamehag! you play too much

    18 february 2019 23:28

    hmm i dont know what to do with this game i just click quest

    21 february 2019 00:27

    LvL 45 is brutall and i dont think the time window in betwen which i noticed it was helpfull.

    21 february 2019 08:17

    Horrible support avoid ever paying as it's the worse purchase i ever made for the lack of quality and uncaring support. I regret paying as it's gotten much worse not better though paypal will not help yet so don't trust their guarantee it's worthless unlike on ebay.

    6 march 2019 05:20

    its bad game very bad ...

    6 march 2019 12:50

    good game l love it

    7 march 2019 11:11

    this game is not fo me i think

    18 march 2019 07:23

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