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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    its le epic game i dont have it but i love it

    8 september 2020 12:56

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has an outstanding campaign, and the multiplayer will have you itching to play just one more game over, and over, and over again. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare steps it up in the pure game-feel department; its guns, its movement, its action: it all feels the best it's ever been

    8 september 2020 14:22

    thatis a nice game an i are gone play it more

    18 september 2020 23:47

    its cool game man! me love game and very cool

    13 october 2020 09:36

    It is one of the best games I have played

    13 october 2020 11:09

    The bad thing about cod is it's a rereleasing franchise and there's not much difference to gameplay, just new features, new guns here and there, and then it's called a new game

    19 november 2020 13:45

    The game is very fun and i have enjoyed it but the only yhing the could do better is make it so you get a daily login reward

    19 november 2020 21:21

    i like this games because story and character

    21 november 2020 11:09

    The multiplayer is AMAZING, havent tried campaign yet but im really hoping its good!

    23 november 2020 23:06

    This game is very sucessful every time , i'm glad they developed warzone also

    1 december 2020 07:07

    o this game, i was doubting it a the begging. but if you dont take to serously its entertaing. i can maybe make a comparisson with counter-strike, it feels more dynamic because its not much of a stealth game. constant movement and precision makes you good ad this game.

    5 december 2020 17:14

    ????:grinning:nice game very good:heart_eyes:

    8 december 2020 16:02

    waow what a game call of duty i didn't play this game ever:laughing:

    8 december 2020 16:04

    I have all the games of call of duty :modern warfare exept the 2nd, it's an action game ,not bad at all ,but more levels will be nice in modern warfare 4! : )

    9 december 2020 18:54

    COD MW isa good series. The characters also are so high detailed. Losing a comrade in the series makes us cry (which, according to me, is a bit rare). The villains are so well defined too. My favourite character is Captain Price (of course, who doesn't like him?)

    11 december 2020 12:22

    I dont played that game but that game is good my brother loves that game much.

    12 december 2020 08:36

    Call of duty I watching on youtube what a perfect military story I love that game.

    12 december 2020 08:37

    Game is so good, would recommend to long time fps game fans. 9/10.

    12 december 2020 10:03

    I always watch videos about all the call of duty games and I think especially this one is the better

    13 december 2020 00:03

    dont played that game but that game is good my brother loves that game much.

    13 december 2020 00:04

    EPIC GAME! it inspires you to join military and using weapons like toys what a game i love that, i completed two parts of the series and hope i will complete more

    15 december 2020 09:03

    Game is so fun when you play with your friends, its so exciting when you finally get the win. I really love this game I made so many friends online through playing with random players. My favourite gun is the Mp7 because it is such a good gun, it makes me win so many battles because I am good with that gun.

    15 december 2020 21:39

    hey guys how do u feel about the new uppdate when they put cold war and modern warfere inside warzone?

    17 december 2020 23:25

    thatis a nice game an i will play it more and more

    18 december 2020 05:32

    I've been playing call of duty for years it's awsome

    18 december 2020 10:13

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