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    About Brawl of Ages

    Clash Royale for PC? Is it even possible? Well, Brawl of Ages is trying to satisfy the computer players with its own version of this phenomenon available on the mobiles.

    Brawl of Ages ​is, just like his counterpart, a free-to-play multiplayer Collectible Card Arena, however it tries to make some things different. Our goal is simple - defeat our enemy in a real-time 1v1 battle by destroying his Main Tower and all that with use of our own deck and cards we play during the match! Seems familiar? Well, not everything is the same. The developers tried to make this game much more enjoyable for the PC players, so they do not have to grind, climb to higher ladders and spend most of the time out of the game. Did they succeed? You will have to see it by yourself!

    Most of all, this is a competitive game - combat the other players in order the climb the ladder and show them who's the best! Don't be limited by your free-to-play account and the fact that you haven't spent a penny for this game and be afraid that you'll lose against someone who paid a fortune for his cards! Enjoy the lovely, colourful graphics and cheerful music!

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    Comments for Brawl of Ages (9) -

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    1 june 2017 23:01

    best game i've ever played!!

    4 june 2017 21:14

    cool game

    8 june 2017 16:46

    A pretty cool game, a quest worth doing (especially if you like games like clash royale)

    21 june 2017 17:02

    how come they did not accept me even though i did do it

    30 june 2017 02:15

    Amazing Game, Fun Gameplay. Overall I would reccomend this!

    30 june 2017 15:33

    Like it

    1 july 2017 16:10

    Got the gems, nice

    3 july 2017 21:07

    Bn sa a l'air bien

    4 july 2017 12:14

    i accidently sent something else then the screenshot


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