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    exp keep decrease

    I just found my exp keep decrease after some day, it's 6% before, but it's 4% now.... any idea?

    7 may 2019 13:28 1628

    When your exp decreases, it means that you had done something that is against the rules of gamehag i.e spamming, the moderators validates the report to give you a penalty.

    7 may 2019 14:00 1628

    Also, an example of that is what @namtuanpro1 is doing right now, he is spamming, penalties include (1)exp deduction(2)possible forum ban, hope it answers your question

    7 may 2019 14:02 1628

    When a comment is flagged as spam, by the mods, you lose XP and the comment is deleted.

    8 may 2019 02:03 1628

    You might think you're not spamming but it's not your choice whether or not you deserve penalties. It's always the moderators who get to decide.

    8 may 2019 13:24 1628

    alright, so it just judicial discretion, got it

    8 may 2019 14:25 1628

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