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    What do you think about stw?

    Ok so what do you think about THE ORIGINAL GAMEMODE: Save the World? (put caps because some people think br is the original gamemode) i have it and its really fun, better than br (p.s. thats my opinion) you can make friends or play with friends (pay at least 40$ or 20$ if you get 50% off) but its really fun and worth it, it has microtransactions but you can complete the game easily without them. I really want to hear other peoples opinion.

    30 april 2019 10:22 2830

    I think is cool and worth it i always grind V-Bucks in save the world

    30 april 2019 12:42 2830

    I think that the devs turned their backs on it and are mostly focusing on the battle royale but I like save the world better

    4 may 2019 07:43 2830

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