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    So, for some reason I never got into FFXIV back in the day when it came out, despite being a fan of both FF and MMORPGs. I've been seeing a bunch of ads on facebook for it recently and been sorta wondering- seeing as it is getting close to ten years old, has the game actually aged well and is the community still going strong?

    30 april 2019 01:14 2165

    Which app or video game are u talking about? The Xbox 1 S FFXV has beed age a lot more & & yes FF community has grown stronger because FF Fans luv them.

    17 may 2019 19:25 2165

    FFXIV- so the main MMO one. Mostly, if it were just an RPG I figure I would have just picked it up used and given it a try, since single player experiences don't tend to age as sharply as strictly online ones like MMOs.

    23 may 2019 22:48 2165

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