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    So, for some reason I never got into FFXIV back in the day when it came out, despite being a fan of both FF and MMORPGs. I've been seeing a bunch of ads on facebook for it recently and been sorta wondering- seeing as it is getting close to ten years old, has the game actually aged well and is the community still going strong?

    30 april 2019 01:14 2165

    Which app or video game are u talking about? The Xbox 1 S FFXV has beed age a lot more & & yes FF community has grown stronger because FF Fans luv them.

    17 may 2019 19:25 2165

    FFXIV- so the main MMO one. Mostly, if it were just an RPG I figure I would have just picked it up used and given it a try, since single player experiences don't tend to age as sharply as strictly online ones like MMOs.

    23 may 2019 22:48 2165

    Its currenly one of the most popular MMORPGS out there ! Strong pve and raid community , pvp is not that good.

    10 july 2019 07:06 2165

    If you are into RPGs yes! But its good to start and link your account with something cuz it helps getting game money in many other games. Try getting it to citadel 10.

    10 july 2019 08:24 2165

    I plan to play this one after the witcher.

    11 july 2019 02:07 2165

    Its definitely worth starting, free trial is for free and its Final Fantasy. Then you can decide if you want to buy full version for 10$ or if free trial is enough.

    28 july 2019 23:03 2165

    I'm doing free trial and even with a level cap of 35 I still find a lot of stuff to do. Then again, I'm the type who'd do even the crafting/gathering classes up to the limit to max everything.

    30 july 2019 14:32 2165

    def worth it

    31 july 2019 00:49 2165

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