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    My Quest was rejected for false reasons

    It says my account wasn't a new account and I litterly made it the day day i submitted the screenshot for the quest, give or a take a few hours apart more or less, i got to level 10, took a screenshot and submitted it. the character i made, name is like a few i's more so his name is "Sanjiii" and other than that i don't know why it would be rejected, i did everything i was suppose to.

    27 april 2019 05:46 2148

    username needs to be exactly alike, you also need to verify the account.

    27 april 2019 07:21 2148

    I went back and saw that my username is exactly alike (sorry X3) and never winter never sent me a verify account email it jsut sent me one saying "welcome to neverwinter!"

    27 april 2019 18:11 2148

    try asking the support on the landingsite for teh game, they might be able to send you a verification email, or help you in another way.

    27 april 2019 22:34 2148

    did you follow the format? you should have the screen showing the task, task reward, and gamehag username on the gamehag website on the right (use the "snap to right" feature) and on the left have your level bar showing you're level 10

    28 april 2019 00:22 2148

    I also had some problems with things about my account being created before I did the task (even though this is not true). So, unless you already did these tasks, I would recommend just forgetting about Neverwinter and just playing World of Warships or War Thunder; both of those games worked for me.

    28 april 2019 01:17 2148

    I did it and im so fukin happy, all i needed to do was verify my account which u can only do on the arc launcher under the bell icon.

    28 april 2019 05:31 2148

    Thank you everyone for your help

    28 april 2019 05:32 2148

    Thanks for this info. Hopefully it works for me too.

    28 april 2019 13:01 2148

    I played this game on steam and i got the same problem. What can i do? The problem now is it it took 1 and half days to tell me that it was rejected and i am now level 20. What can i do now?

    8 july 2019 15:49 2148

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