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    Do surveys work?

    I tried to earn sg by completing surveys but i never got any sg. The survey always says it didn’t match with my answers. Is there anyone who earned sg by completing surveys?

    25 april 2019 20:35 1628

    No they didn't payed me eather....

    25 april 2019 21:32 1628

    No they not...

    25 april 2019 21:40 1628

    I haven't even got to the end of a survey. The requirements they have is too hard. I remember doing a survey about some smartphones and I suspect that because I said I didn't like Apple I got kicked from the survey. And the survey wasn't even centered around Apple.

    25 april 2019 21:56 1628

    no they are scams never works for me

    26 april 2019 11:06 1628

    They never work for me too

    26 april 2019 11:29 1628

    I have gotten some from surveys, but I qualify only for very few of them, and there's the matter of country always as well.

    26 april 2019 20:04 1628

    Surveys work BUT not all the time, it really depends, also, you should be honest on all your information, i do not know how they do it but they do. It's legit.

    27 april 2019 00:05 1628

    I know that the surveys are legit, I only pointed out that they are hard to get someone that fit you. And some are even ridiculus. They need a better profiling system. It is annoying to write in the same info over and over again and sometimes get halfway into a survey just to get kicked just because you didn't like a certain brand or other similiar things.

    27 april 2019 00:29 1628

    Seem like tasks on the wall usually not works🙄

    29 april 2019 08:01 1628

    While I'm doing a survey, the page refreshes and there's nothing there.

    29 april 2019 10:09 1628

    I tried several times to participate but It didn't find me a survey that I fit in.

    5 may 2019 20:04 1628

    Not for me

    6 may 2019 09:18 1628

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