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    Is this a Cool Game?

    No, No mate. Just my opinion.

    25 april 2019 15:53 808

    Sure. Without the hackers that is. Skill-based game with immense accuracy requirement. Still. Hackers

    5 june 2019 21:47 808

    Note that if your trustfactor is low, you will meet way sketchier players. I myself have a friend with low trustfactor. When I play with him the opponents hack more often than not. Dont teamkill and get low trustfactor guys. It will keep the game more fun ;D

    12 june 2019 14:26 808

    But Prime Status or Level up to Level 21
    to get Healthy MatchMaking
    Because it's full of cheaters

    16 june 2019 01:36 808

    If you start in the start yes or if you have some cool friend doing well part and some fun time with not cheat and hack yes but if not all of that not really a leatel bit

    1 july 2019 22:41 808

    yes if you play it you will be addicted to it just like me

    2 july 2019 12:48 808

    No when it came free to play much more hackers appeared

    8 july 2019 09:04 808

    this game is hard to start but when you get the swing of the game it becomes your addiction, then you have fun ever time you play

    8 july 2019 09:29 808

    It's a fun game to play with friends, if you enjoy fps games you will definitely like this game! There is also a huge learning curve in this game, at the start, it could be very hard, especially for players like me who used to play games like COD which is a point and shoot game, this game involves spray control with guns and callouts etc. Overall great game

    8 july 2019 17:36 808

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