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    Tips for the game

    Any good tips to help aiming and others things like the general knowledge for the game

    25 april 2019 10:05 808

    u can train ur aim in workshop map. there are so many aim maps in workshop

    28 april 2019 14:57 808

    play smarter and check corners more

    28 april 2019 15:01 808

    learn pre aiming common spots and croutch peaking

    28 april 2019 17:40 808

    Watch youtube vids, I got pro from them, I get 15 kills per wingman, and 50 kills in competitive!

    13 may 2019 15:12 808

    One huge tip that made me play better is to try to avoid using w key. Of course you will need to use it when going forward but when like checking angles and stuff use a and d keys only.

    14 may 2019 02:05 808

    Learn to spray, learn the layout of the maps, keep your crosshair at head height and learn to peek to bait the enemies

    14 may 2019 04:36 808

    Just practice recoil in workshop maps

    22 may 2019 15:19 808

    Is attacking with one bullet at a time a good idea? I'm not sure if it really works.

    24 may 2019 00:03 808

    try to play recoil training maps in workshop

    15 june 2019 17:10 808

    When you use the Ak you have two choices :
    -One Taps Aim For the Head (But just one/ two taps)
    - Spray Move your Gun in The chest of the opponent your bullet will you Up Exactly in the Head
    Smoke and flash the most useful to PUSHHHH
    smoke use it like wall (but remember it's not a wall)
    Molotov use it to block Enemy from passing to a destination (But remember Sometimes the enemy accept taking damage In Order to win his round)
    Decoys Is Useless But i buy it only 50$ and maybe it will trigger the enemy a lttle bit .
    Grenades Are Hard to use It's for advanced players .(Use to kill someone hiding in a corner)

    16 june 2019 01:16 808

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