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    SG for reporting spam comments

    Do you guys still get SGs when you report spam comments? or is it just me? or is it just that those comments aren't spam?

    24 april 2019 02:58 1628

    I did, but not for every report. I still haven't received mine for reporting a whole thread of obvious spam even after those posts have been deleted.

    24 april 2019 04:02 1628

    yes but gems from spam will be very hard to use

    24 april 2019 07:26 1628

    I am receiving mine, although sometimes it takes a bit longer then normal, and don't forget that only the first person who reports correctly receives sg for it

    24 april 2019 09:11 1628

    Got a notification that I received 1 SG for reporting spam but when i checked my SGs it's still the same

    24 april 2019 10:01 1628

    I get them as usual

    24 april 2019 10:17 1628

    @gr81, you can't even differentiate the spam comments here since they're not spam. You're just unecessarily reporting for an unreasonable reason. You're new,check threads that talk about spam comments

    24 april 2019 13:55 1628

    yes, but sometimes I didn't receive SG for reporting spam comments. idk why.

    24 april 2019 20:44 1628

    You get 1 SG per successfully reported and deleted spam comment. Is that helpful, @BaPitaME?

    25 april 2019 01:25 1628

    nice going spamming in a post about reporting dusolo.

    I have gotten a few hundred sg from the guy that created new acounts and spammed a few hundred coments a day, but i have not gotten for all, reading that you need to be the first to report from this thread makes somewhat sense, but is it confirmed?

    25 april 2019 08:45 1628

    This is something that's bothering me too and this is the first time I've read about it. The mods never mentioned about how only the first reporter gets SG. @Bjobjokke where did you get this info anyway?

    25 april 2019 09:19 1628

    @darkGreiga I heard it early on when I started on this site from a then veteran player who I haven't seen for a long time, and I have seen this from my own experience as well, and if you simply think about it, it is logical considering spam comments get removed as well, so it would make sense that only the 1st report gets seen. @Princ3 you made too many false/wrong reports and are now no longer allowed to report until that date, which has already past so maybe you were banned earlier without realizing it

    25 april 2019 09:58 1628

    It's sad to see people abusing the report system & also spamming tons of comments just for XP.
    People just need 1 SG which is like nothing tbh.

    25 april 2019 11:11 1628

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