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    SG from voting articles

    I still don't really understand when we're supposed to get SG for rating the articles of the day. Do we get the SG from when the articles we voted to publish actually made it and truly published? And does voting actual spams/plagiarized articles as spam gain us any SG? I've been voting the articles for a while but I've got 5 SG so far and I've seen too many spam articles in the voting section, so I figured I'd ask if this is the case...

    20 april 2019 20:39 1628

    I know right? In my case, I haven't received even a single SG when i voted. It ain't really clear

    20 april 2019 20:48 1628

    ne dion la?

    20 april 2019 20:49 1628

    @Severino Yeah, and that 5 SG I checked was from 1 day ago. It's pretty much the latest reward I get from almost a month of either no articles, spam, or articles with bad formatting... Seriously, there should be a clearer info that just 'Correct verification of articles'.

    20 april 2019 20:54 1628

    I'm doing it daily :D

    21 april 2019 10:54 1628

    A bit of heads up, I think that the spam articles don't count for the 'correct verification' for SG. I found 2 spam articles today and the number of articles' bar went from 0/2 to 0/1 when I marked the first spam. The number of SG also went from 10 to 5.

    21 april 2019 21:39 1628

    i cant rate articles

    22 april 2019 15:42 1628

    I rate articles but i don't receive anything

    22 april 2019 16:04 1628

    i get gems from the article 1 time and i don't know how.

    22 april 2019 22:09 1628

    When an article is a spam or plagiarism, you don't get gems for those! You get gems only for properly made articles and a proper vote on them!

    Since there are a very few proper articles, we can only earn few gems... sometimes there is only one proper article in a week!

    If you are not sure if an article is plagiarised, just select one short part of the text and copy-paste it into google search. Google search will find all the sites that contain those words or even complete sentences! Those with complete sentences mean that they are plagiarised... But be aware that some pople rearange the words in sentence to try and fool you, but still you will see that sentence in original form ;)

    I hope this helps you out!

    22 april 2019 23:11 1628

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