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    Discord don't do support anymore

    A discord mod of gamehag said this: "I clearly said we dont do support here anymore. Contact misty or send and email to the support" - So, unfortunately, that's what happened.

    17 april 2019 16:43 1628

    That's not the last of it, I'm afraid. The mods in the site seems to be a lot more inactive, especially when checking the spam reports because I still see the spam threads I reported.

    17 april 2019 16:55 1628

    Yes, i have observed that also, even support doesn't reply to e-mail. I don't know what is happening to gamehag. They have been really inactive and it has become a nuisance to gamehag users.

    17 april 2019 16:58 1628

    Yes, and I also checked that part you mentioned in Discord. If they're trying to 'quit' putting support on Discord, at least they have to be responsible mods and tell us why they're doing what they're doing. Seems like I've only been here for a month and everything just went downhill within days.

    17 april 2019 17:04 1628

    You say no support again really!!!!!! Plz no plz Misty not good such as support on discord Who will help us now And why thats happen Can we do anything to make him help us and dont go ???

    17 april 2019 19:40 1628

    yea, its pretty sad ;(

    18 april 2019 10:53 1628

    If it actually happens, then why does the Discord exist rather than extra support?! Just for chatting with others? Seems weird...

    18 april 2019 21:11 1628

    yeah and maybe complaining

    19 april 2019 20:24 1628

    Complaining in discord is now useless since there's nobody there to listen to what you have to say hahaha, but anyway, there's still misty, a little ray of hope for all of us gamehag users lol

    19 april 2019 20:27 1628

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