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    Its so hard getting gems

    13 april 2019 18:36 1628

    It is harder to get xp... if you are using the app you just can watch 1 add and then you will get 1 gem. You will get also many gems by conpleting contracts. Just be patient...

    13 april 2019 19:21 1628

    if they would actually give me gems for the tasks i have done it would be fine

    13 april 2019 19:42 1628

    You can't expect it to be easy since it's free, well, it's not technically free since you still need to do an effort in order to attain something.

    13 april 2019 19:50 1628

    its easier if you use this site on a mobile phone as many of the games and contracts are strictly mobile only. Fastest way is to do contracts.

    14 april 2019 01:28 1628

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