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    My reward is sent to my Steam, and I haven't received it

    I've got some CS GO skins, and got notification that they have been sent to my Steam account. I haven't received them on Steam. URL for trading is good, I've received few other skins, and many times I got notification that I refused my reward. I really like this Dragon King skin for M4, and wouldn't want that notification that it has been refused. Can I do anything about it? Thanks in advance

    10 april 2019 10:44 1628

    Try creating a ticket and ask Misty, or you can reach out to the mods through the support channel in Discord.

    10 april 2019 13:27 1628

    Ticket to Misty is useless, i think discord is better. Also, try contacting gamehag support, they can help, but i doubt that they will reply. If you don't want to do those things then you need to wait for the result, yes, it's frustrating, plenty of users have the same kind of problem over and over again and it's still not fixed by gamehag.

    10 april 2019 15:05 1628

    I noticed there is no help from Misty, that's why I started the tread here, and tried contacting them on discord, will see if they will reply. Didn't know that is an usual issue tho.
    Thanks for the help guys!

    10 april 2019 15:08 1628

    It's one of the most common issue here in gamehag. Some even haven't received their reward based on their experience and stopped using gamehag because it wasted their time and effort.

    12 april 2019 11:31 1628

    Be patient, or make a ticket

    12 april 2019 12:16 1628

    go to gamehag discord

    12 april 2019 12:42 1628

    Yeah, I went on discord, and got that one skin, but still need to get 10+, just getting notifications :/

    12 april 2019 23:54 1628

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