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    anyone could buy gift card steam plz answer

    I heard someone said the gift card not active thats really and if its true Cant i buy this card? I want any answer plz

    7 april 2019 23:15 1628

    :| i dont konw

    7 april 2019 23:21 1628

    You can get a Steam Gift card and it's legit. I have already gotten 35 euro this way.

    8 april 2019 01:43 1628

    Just a few days ago I got myself 20 euro steam gift card. And it was very quick. Just a few hours after ordering and I recievedit. Big difference from pointprices (same thing as gamehag, but worse). There it takes 2 weeks before you recieve your item.

    8 april 2019 02:02 1628

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