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    Where the best area for orokin cells farming?

    I'm a newbie player... I need recommendations...

    7 april 2019 04:31 2154

    Ceres and Saturn planets drop orokin cells. always do Survival mission on them with Nekros warframe. Nekros give bonus drop rate.

    Optional you can do assassinate mission on those planets because bosses drop the rare materials often.

    You can also do Invasion mission on the said planets, if there's assassinate mission from the invasion, do it for rare materials and the invasion rewards

    7 april 2019 13:36 2154

    Wow... Thank you

    7 april 2019 13:38 2154

    NP! good luck and have fun.

    7 april 2019 13:39 2154

    thank you so much for creating this thread i have been looking for someone to help

    29 april 2019 18:44 2154

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