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    Is it posiible to throw a steam reward away?

    I got a steam game thing out of a chest but i dont use steam. Is it possible to refund/exchange/delete the item?

    6 april 2019 20:20 1628

    I don't think so, but you can always sell it on other third party sites but the funds will go to your steam account. Might as well sell it in real life for a reasonable price.

    7 april 2019 02:03 1628

    i know you can choose to add it to inventory or sell for some SG

    8 april 2019 09:50 1628

    I dont think you can sell it for sg.

    8 april 2019 11:25 1628

    Which third party sites are you talking about??

    8 april 2019 13:33 1628

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