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    If you want to earn more sgs from app zone do some other tasks help

    Ok this appzone is my route to getting sgs from gamehag ; but today astonishingly i saw this notification Do other tasks if you want to gain sgs from Appzone please help by sharing your experience this happened just now i need answers if this continues i am afraid my days on gamehag are sort of over :(

    4 april 2019 19:27 1628

    same here my friend - looks like gamehag is pushing people out of the site

    4 april 2019 19:41 1628

    well i did a wall offer quiz thats the only offers i can go for since surveys wont work for my country and am back at it again but this new rule is really annoying and i hope this feedback reaches the concerned department :(

    4 april 2019 19:43 1628

    After 10 videos today the same message appeared for me too.
    Also now if you use multiple devices you get "do not cheat" pop ups. Which is nonsense since the new daily limit is 10.
    I wonder if is it even possible to watch another 10 tomorrow...

    The "other" tasks are very limited and finite.
    They must receive sufficient income after these videos so I don't get why they introduced such limitations.

    4 april 2019 21:32 1628

    @thunderdome2020 thank you so much for your feedback i hope that these valuable discussions are forwarded to the gamehag staff who are into making these new changes please listen to us #helpGamehagSupport

    4 april 2019 21:35 1628

    Actually, after doing one task, i was able to continue with my daily limit of 100

    5 april 2019 01:53 1628

    Same with me and it's really annoying. None of the other offers work for me and especially the surveys. The minigames are all too hard to beat so ads are my only choice of getting more SG.

    5 april 2019 05:06 1628

    I cant understand after days we cant earn any point from appzone to compeletsome tasks? i cant do tasks it told me it was rejected

    5 april 2019 10:49 1628

    Just watch videos on gamehag app

    5 april 2019 21:14 1628

    I think it's more likely they 'ran out' of rewarding ads for the past few days. Not sure if it's fixable, so if this is the case then let's hope it's only temporary.

    6 april 2019 18:04 1628

    I got that once before, but after I just did a minigame to get one gem it let me go back to watching ads.

    7 may 2019 16:35 1628

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