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    Why is leveling up needed

    why do i need to level up to buy items with my gems

    2 april 2019 03:13 1628

    To give some effort of course, even if it is for free, you need to do some effort and have some patience if you really want to get rewarded

    2 april 2019 10:13 1628

    You can easily gain exp by writing in forums

    2 april 2019 15:39 1628

    Do I need to be level 3 to trade my gems for a 5 dollar Steam Wallet? It says here: "reward currently unavailable". No word on being level 3 though.

    2 april 2019 16:31 1628

    Yes you need to be level 3 before you can get any reward for gems. This is in place to stop scammers and cheaters from being able to buy everything.

    3 april 2019 01:09 1628

    Because Gamehag needs active users. But you can become boring because some country, there no new offer.

    3 april 2019 10:07 1628

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