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    Are simulators bad for the roblox communtiy?

    What do you guys think about the simulator games on roblox?

    31 march 2019 10:52 2173

    Simulators will take over roblox. I hope thats not going to happen. Sims are everywhere on roblox

    1 april 2019 08:25 2173

    it depends, if the sims is a really good and original gamethen no i dont feel its bad as that was what roblox was intented for to play and make original games. If it’s the usual recycled sim then yes

    4 april 2019 02:34 2173

    Simulators are too grindy and repetitive. You could have the most interesting and engaging concept ever, but if it's boring, nobody is going to care and the game will die. If simulators just get better overall, we might see some good stuff, but as of now, simulators aren't good. There are a few good ones lurking about out there though, but lurking isn't a term I should have to use. I just think that they need to just be more interesting, engaging, and fun. I doubt they get playtested lol.

    4 april 2019 02:38 2173

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