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    Process of thread lock?

    I have seen threads that are locked. Do the users do it to their own created threads or are the moderators the only one who can do it? If the users do it, can somebody teach me how?

    29 march 2019 17:34 1628

    You can lock your own thread if you wish so. There's one big green button on the screen that will say something like "Lock Thread" as far as I remember.

    29 march 2019 19:04 1628

    Locking a thread won't stop it from being reported as spam if it is spam

    30 march 2019 02:41 1628

    Locking a thread just means that your question is answered and doesn’t need more answers. For example, if you are the creator of this thread, there would be a mint green button that says “Lock Thread” and press it. When you press it, nobody will be able to comment on it anymore. Don’t worry, if you lock a thread, it won’t reduce your xp or do any harm to your gamehag profile.

    2 april 2019 13:56 1628

    And to answer your question, people who are the creators of their own threads can lock if any time.

    2 april 2019 13:57 1628

    I don't see any green button. Is there a difference between the mobile app vs. the actual website?

    3 april 2019 10:58 1628

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