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    Opinions on Rthro

    Is this another mistake that roblox made? Or is it better with Rthro?

    29 march 2019 15:13 2173

    rthro is ugly

    2 april 2019 11:37 2173

    it made Roblox kinda worse ( but funny at the same time )
    since it really doesnt fit with " Roblox ". The "blox" in Roblox means the game is blocky but with rthro it made roblox more realistic (in a bad way). The rthro models dont even fit with blocky avatars. (i like only some)

    2 april 2019 12:15 2173

    I think its actually pretty good it adds more realism in games that are trying to be realistic i just think it needs more work

    4 april 2019 00:31 2173

    Some of the games are boring, but some are worth it content-wise. Can't say the same 'bout the style, though

    4 april 2019 01:28 2173

    Eh. Personal preference. I don't hate it, but I know plenty of people do. I'd say my main complaint was the lack of customization, but now I can get free Rthro stuff with the free Robux I get from this site. Woot.

    4 april 2019 02:29 2173

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