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    World War Rising: Review

    NOTE: this article is completely made by me and it not contains any spam or plagiarism.

    The Game

    World War Rising is a building/strategy mobile game developed by Mobile War LLC released in 2018.

    Main Goal

    Your main goal is to build and upgrade your city using your resources like wood,stone,metal. You can construct several type of buildings for example armory, academy where you able to train and upgrade your troops. First it's very easy because the game gives you a lot of free stuff such as free boosts. Later on the game you can join alliances where you gain bonuses and if you trained a powerful troops you can attack other players for loot and etc. However it takes a lot of time to upgrade and master your skills due to the long building queues.

    Buildings In The Game

    As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of buildings in the game that I'm going to list down below.

    - Command Center: this is your main building, you can see your stats here
    - Hospital: injured troops can heal there
    - Armory:  where you can manufacture your gear
    - Training Grounds: where your troops train
    - Wall: helps you defend your city from other players

    and there are many more buildings that are waiting for your commands.


    In the game there are a couple troop type you can train and manage. Currently there are 4 but I'm sure the developers going to add more in the near future. (Infantry, Vehicle, Artillery and Operative) The first 3 are very similar they are strong against each other but weak as well. For attacks you might want to focus on upgrading one or two troops at the same time because in the early game you don't have a lot of resources and you have to defend your city from incoming attacks.

    Your Hero

    Your hero is the most important thing in your game. While your city is upgrading and your troops getting bigger and stronger your hero will reach higher level of power. Of course if you have more power then your city is more powerful too. You can gain experience points for upgrading and researching in the academy and that's where the game gets exciting. The more stuff you research the more things you can build and the more powerful you get. Also do not forget about the Hero, Alliance and VIP (if you have them) Missions.


    Unlike other games as soon as you started WWR you can join in alliances. This is a good tactic to earn rewards and to ask help from the other members of the clan. It's very important because later you will face difficulties alone so I highly recommend join one as soon as possible.

    My Overall Thoughts

    I tried this game for a couple days and I can say that is not like other strategy games. If you like world war type games then it's for you. It's very addictive to manage your own city and become better every day and I'm sure you are going to like it. Try out with your friends because it's always better to fight alongside with your brothers than alone and become the greatest war leader of all time.

    28 march 2019 16:19 1625

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