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    How to get daily chest on gamehag?

    Gamehag does not check my steam avatar with gamehag logo.What to do?

    17 march 2019 01:19 1628

    When you click on the get daily steam chest - it should have a tick mark for task 1 and 2 then you get the chest. Did you also change your name to include 'gamehag.com'?

    17 march 2019 02:02 1628

    also, it's more recommended to try it in website

    17 march 2019 04:30 1628

    maybe you can find in your EMail

    17 march 2019 04:40 1628

    Nightwave Daily mission "Complete a Mission"
    I am appalled by the disconnect between DE and general player base with the newest Nightwave mission. How could they expect the player base to be able to even go ahead complete this mission given the current state of things as they are?

    17 march 2019 05:55 1628

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