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    why is robux so expensive

    robux is so expensive

    8 march 2019 23:16 2173

    its one of the only ways roblox can make money. and if your talking about this website/app then yeah they need to buy robux to give them to us.

    9 march 2019 00:38 2173

    robux arnt that expensive unless you're looking to get a lot. another way of getting robux is to join builders club because robux is given to you when you buy robux then it the memebership gives u robux everyday it depends which membership you buy

    9 march 2019 23:24 2173

    Its not really.

    10 march 2019 09:35 2173

    It depends on wut ya buy. Somethings r not that expensive. Builders club is one of the best ways to get robux.. ya

    10 march 2019 12:36 2173

    its kinda epensive yeah and u can get it here free and quick :D

    10 march 2019 15:40 2173

    yes why ??????

    10 march 2019 16:31 2173

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