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    how do I find a golden bat

    I read somewhere about a golden bat and I would like to know how to find it and get SG

    1 march 2019 16:52 1628

    If you watch the bats moving past on the main page and don't see one after awhile, I feel that perhaps none will go past until you go do something else and reload the front page, and look again. They extremely visible when they appear, since the entire bat will be golden.

    1 march 2019 18:38 1628

    one day I found 4 or 5 in a day but now for weeks nothing...just luck of the draw I guess

    2 march 2019 00:22 1628

    One day i found 1 golden bat but now nothing!

    2 march 2019 05:32 1628

    what is a golden bat? does it give something

    2 march 2019 09:06 1628

    is that some kind of easteregg

    2 march 2019 09:27 1628

    On the main page (https://gamehag.com/), above How does GameHag works, the bat will fly showing the rewards other people got. Occasionally, a golden bat (whole body is gold, so it will stand out) will fly - click on it to get SG. I don't recommend spending time on that, though, since I only managed to find it once or twice.

    2 march 2019 14:49 1628

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