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    Anyone know how to set a profile pic it keeps saying all my images are 2MB+ even tho most of them are like 300 KB

    28 february 2019 03:36 1628

    Maybe you can go to website like this "https://tinyjpg.com/" and compress your images then try.

    28 february 2019 03:52 1628

    Unfortunately its not working but thx for trying to help me

    28 february 2019 03:57 1628

    That's strange, if they're 300 KB. What format is the photo? Perhaps make sure it's PNG or JPEG. Also, try resizing the image to around 500 pixels wide or tall, keeping the aspect ratio. You could use any photo editor for this, such as GIMP.

    The profile picture that I uploaded was 907x939 pixels, JPEG, and its size was 346.7 kB

    28 february 2019 09:54 1628

    You can use this app to compress your picture with the same quality photo! Come to this website to compress your png image> https://www.wecompress.com/en/

    9 july 2020 13:35 1628

    save it in different format via paint?

    9 july 2020 17:14 1628

    save it by left-clicking the image and click on "save image as" and then go to ur profile settings and click change profile picture and then drop the image from ur file

    9 july 2020 17:27 1628

    that should most likely work

    9 july 2020 17:28 1628

    hello i hope what i said help if not plz tellme

    9 july 2020 23:20 1628

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