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    ways of getting gems: minigames , games etc. anything profitable

    any suggestions?

    27 february 2019 20:52 1628

    Contracts, game and making articles is the best amount.

    27 february 2019 21:01 1628

    Most of the SG that I've earned so far are from games. I haven't earned anything from minigames, and I've earned a little from contracts. The payout for writing articles is good, but make sure that your article has good grammar, is well organized, has photos, etc.

    28 february 2019 00:04 1628

    Minigames are alright, but with contracts you aren't always guaranteed the SG once you complete the task. Definitely the most profitable is to play some of the games and complete a certain objective.

    28 february 2019 02:42 1628

    i would recommend you to play games because it gives the most SG

    28 february 2019 06:24 1628

    thank you guys for giving your time for me

    28 february 2019 07:25 1628

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